Sandra Rogers

We all spend a great amount of time, money and energy on education, health, and self-improvement: Don’t our hearts and souls deserve at least as much attention?

As a licensed psychotherapist, my ongoing commitment is to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and to help you lead a satisfying and fuller life. I believe by helping you find your strengths and unique qualities you can become more self aware and access your own inner wisdom, heal where you need to, and reach your goals.

Schooled in the depth psychology of Carl Jung, I can help you see yourself more clearly, believing that self knowledge opens door to living an effective, authentic life. Besides “talk therapy”, I often use dream work, clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, and art therapy to help us deepen the work.

You may also see me for clinical hypnotherapy for help on short term goals such as test preparation, smoking cessation, and situational anxieties (flying, etc.). If my approach interests you please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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